Human Resources

To succeed in today's highly competitive, technology-driven media environment, MultiChoice must attract and keep the best people - people who thrive on challenge and continually strive for excellence.

Employee Relations
The Workplace Forum is there to protect the interests of employees. It provides every one of our employees, no matter what position, representation. The Workplace Forum’s major functions are to:

  • Promote the interests of all employees
  • Enhance the efficiency in the workplace
  • Be consulted by the employer with the objective of reaching consensus
  • Participate in joint decision-making


Skills development
With technology at the core of our business, skills development of the MultiChoice team is crucial. That’s why we offer career opportunities in different areas of our business and company programmes that are designed to meet employees’ and company needs.

MultiChoice’s learnership programmes are vocational education and training modules to facilitate the linkage between structured learning and work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification. It combines theory and workplace practice into a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

MultiChoice participates in Learnerships and Internships to build skills and improve employee performance, create opportunities for employment and career advancement for people who cannot secure employment due to lack of skills and work experience, create talent pipeline for scarce and critical skills and to pull in talent in entry positions.


Employee Wellness
Employee Wellness - This on-site offering has a variety of mental, physical and financial health, wellness and work/life services to all employees. The services are convenient, accessible and, most importantly, cost-effective. Crèche - MultiChoice goes as far as providing a Montessori Nursery School for its Randburg employees.

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