Customer Self Service

Without having to call our call centre or visit our branches you can access MultiChoice services:


Update your profile and personal details
Manage your account - view your account balance and transaction history for the past 3 months
Make online credit card payments and set recurring monthly payments
Manage your services/packages - reconnect your services once your payment is made, activate packages
Clear error codes and reset your decoder
Identify the payment option that’s right for you

Simply register on to access these services at any time.

Find an installer in your area - SMS “your postal code” to 33936
Check your balance - SMS “bal + smartcard number” to 31401
Receive your statements via email- SMS “customer number + email address” to 32446
Update your details - SMS your smartcard details and e-mail address to 32471
Opt for decoder care insurance- SMS “DCC”: to 31401
Reset your error codes on your decoder - SMS “error code + smartcard number” to 32472


Use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at our call centre (27 11 289 2222) to get your latest balance, reset your decoder, locate an installer or agent, deal with a snowy screen.
IVR allows you to interact with the system by means of voice commands or touch tones to either offer self-help assistance or to talk to a specialist consultant in the required department.
To use the IVR service or for any other queries, please call the MultiChoice Call Centre.
Please ensure that you have your decoder serial number or smartcard number available in order to make the best use of the self-help functionality offered.

We understand your need for convenient services
Now from the comfort of your home, work, or anywhere that you have internet access you will have control of your DStv experience - How cool is that!


For your convenience, there are many payment options available:

Payment references are unique, and you can use your MultiChoice customer number as a reference. For Pick ‘n Pay, PEP and Spar you must use the prefix 11374 with your customer number.

If your broadcast services are disconnected and you make an internet bank transfer or ATM payment via ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank or direct deposit at any ABSA branch, your services will be reconnected automatically within 15 minutes or as soon as your payment reflects. It won’t be necessary to call our DStv Call Centre once payment has been made. If you make an online credit card payment then please reconnect your services here.

Always use your MultiChoice customer number as a reference for all payments

Things you always wanted to know about DStv but didn’t know who to ask
Deciding what you want to watch

The TV Schedule
You can find out what’s on TV tonight by accessing the Electronic Programme Guide(EPG) on your decoder by clicking the TV Guide button or simply by clicking the information button to get a synopsis of the programme that is currently on. You can also visit, click on the Dish magazine logo to access the electronic version on the website.

How do I stop my kids from watching things they shouldn’t.

All our decoders have a handy Parental Control which give you control over what gets viewed in your home. You can block programmes based on their PG rating, or block entire channels.

To set up the Parental Control follow these steps :
On the DStv Explora and DStv HD Decoder

·         Press the blue DStv button

·         Scroll to Settings

·         Select Parental Control

·         Enter the PG PIN (the default is 1234)

·         Follow the onscreen instructions and don’t forget to create and save your own personalised PG PIN.

On all other decoders

·         Press MENU

·         Select Parental Control

·         Enter the PG PIN (the default is 1234)

·         Follow the onscreen instructions and don’t forget to create and save your own personalised PG PIN.

Watching whenever you want, wherever you want with DStv ON DEMAND:
If you are a Premium subscriber with a PVR, you have access to DStv ON DEMAND. This is a service which pre-records some of the favourite programmes and stores it for you to watch at your convenience. At any given time, there is 20 hours of ON DEMAND programming.

There are over 80 hours of programming and movies available online at DStv ON DEMAND. If you have an MWEB ADSL account and are a Premium subscriber, you can download these onto your PC to watch wherever, whenever you want. We are in the process of negotiating with other Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to be able to offer this service to Premium subscribers who are also customers of other ISPs.

It’s raining – why don’t I have a picture?
Sometimes when you want to watch your favourite show and there is a storm outside, your picture goes all funny. This picture interruption is because of storms either in your area or in the area where the signal is broadcast from (sometimes from the other side of the world). It is caused by the weakening of the satellite signal as it passes through raindrops. Don’t worry, these interruptions are usually only temporary.